About Us


    Royce Properties Management PLT

    Royce Properties Management PLT (LL 0015085-LGN) is a registered company under Akta Perkongsian Liabiliti Terhad 2012 since February 2018. We are a real estate company based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, specializing in regional residential, commercial and land sales.

    Our company has a strong database of local clients. Since the beginning of 2019, we have expanded our network by reaching out to clientele from Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, South Africa and Sri Lanka. We hope that we could assist you as a local coordinator of Johor Bahru and a partner in the purchase of your important asset.

    Our Vision & Mission

    Our vision: We aim to be the pioneer real estate agency, specializing in regional residential and commercial   property sales.

    Our mission: We offer state-of-art professional service by giving the best advice and precise information to our customers. We enjoy creating value with maximum benefits and build a lifetime relationship with our customers.

    “Purpose carefully selected, good properties and satisfy customer”

    “Making proposals tailored to the needs of each individual”

    “Providing high-quality services at reasonable prices”

    “Proactive marketing using local networks”

    “To create a safe and comfortable living environment for you”

    “Contributing to the development of Johor Bahru”

    Our Values

    Excellence – We provide superior service by putting clients’ interests above own.

    Integrity – We demonstrate high honesty and fairness in every action through personal and professional behavior.

    Trust – We treat our customers with respect          and gain their trust over time.

    Friendship – We build lifetime relationships          with our clients.

    Our Strengths

    As a local agent, we are more familiar with the local market. We have an extensive network of real estate  developers, contractors and lawyers which enable us to offer high quality property investment consultation      catering to individual needs and preferences. Besides, we provide all-in-one service, such as handling issue,      related to properties, supporting property purchases, managing rental opportunities as well as negotiations,          with owners and developers.

    Our Services

    Johor Bahru Real Estate

          • Purchase support
          • Rental brokerage
          • Interior design
          • Property management and marketing
          • Airbnb management 
          • Property Inspection
          • Consultations
          • Others

    Johor Bahru Migration Support

        • Accompanying your visit in Johor Bahru
        • MM2H application
        • Company establishment

    Other Support

        • Opening a bank account, mobile purchase,     house maid arrangement, etc.

    Company Profile

    Company name     : Royce Properties Management PLT 

    Representative      : Nicholas Ho & Carol Chin

    Location                 : No 2, Jalan Bioteknologi 1, Kawasan Perindustrian SILC, 79200 Iskandar Puteri,                                                       Johor, Malaysia.

    Business hours      : 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (Malaysia time)

    Phone number       : (English)  +6012-907-7972, (Chinese) +6012-976-6898,

                                     (Japanese) +6012-925-0905

    Email                      : (English/Chinese) homesearch.sg@gmail.com,

                                     (Japanese) jp.homesearch.ip@gmail.com

    Affiliated company : Superhost PLT (Airbnb) & Chaste Interior Design (Renovation)