Johor Bahru

    Iskandar Puteri/Puteri Harbour

    Johor Bahru, the second biggest city in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur, is a unique city to visit as a transit stop between Malaysia and Singapore. Its future growth is drawing much attention from investors all over the world. There are many palaces, temples, nature reserves and theme parks to explore in the region. Although it is in a location where you can easily visit the big city of Singapore, the real estate price is only about one-tenth that of Singapore, and about half to two-third of the price of capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

    In recent years, condominiums have been constructed and completed one after another, and it is possible to purchase and rent luxury condominiums with pools, saunas and gyms at a price that is two to one third of Tokyo, Japan. For instance, Puteri Harbor, which is in the west side of Johor has a beautiful yacht harbor and a wonderful city lined with luxury sea view condominiums. Close to prestigious international schools such as Marlborough College, tenant occupancy rate, restaurants and supermarkets in the vicinity are increasing. From the nearby ferry terminal, you can easily travel to Indonesian resort Batam Island.

    In terms of daily lifestyle, many large shopping malls such as AEON, IKEA, Paradigm Mall, R & F Mall, and SOGO have been completed one after another in the past five years. In addition, Johor Bahru has a district called “Molek”, which is also known as the “Little Japan”. In this area, there are Japanese-speaking clinics, Japanese food dealers, and Japanese restaurants. Since 2019, Family Mart has also been introduced in this city, bringing a huge crowd to this popular convenience store!

    Johor Bahru Central

    Johor Bahru Central is a Malaysian integrated transport hub located at Bukit Chagar in the heart of Johor Bahru, which has a causeway connecting Johor Bahru and Singapore. There are many shopping malls, banks, and local shops around this area. However, the entry of the checkpoint is often congested with cars during peak periods.

    Iskandar Puteri/Puteri Harbour

    Puteri Harbour, the pearl of Johor, is a prestigious waterfront development located along the southern coast of Johor, where it is closest to neighboring Singapore. It’s ideal location and award-winning masterplan have transformed the harbour into a popular dining, entertainment, and holiday destination, and given rise to highly desired luxury residences.


    Special economic zone that actively attracts foreign companies, educational institutions, hospitals, etc. Medini City is strategic location has attracted investors from near and far. Over RM 4 billion has been spent on building ‘best-in-class’ infrastructure such as utility pipes, modern roads, security, and sewerage that are ready for connection, allowing investors to enter Medini on a ‘plug-and-play’ basis. 



    An area where many Japanese expats and migrants live, which is also known as the Little Japan. Even if you are worried about your first overseas life, you can live with peace of mind because of the presence of Japanese restaurants, Japanese-speaking clinics, Japanese grocery stores and bakery, and the Japanese community.

    Senibong Masai

    Abundant in natural beauty and situated across the Johor Strait from Singapore, Senibong Cove represents a new era of living in the burgeoning Johor Bahru region. There’s a different feeling about life at Senibong Cove that separates it from other locations along the Johor Strait. It is not Singapore, but that is where its charm lies. The calmness of Senibong Cove will become the most important part of your daily routine.

    Bukit Indah

    Bukit Indah Township in Johor offers a wide range of residential options include service apartments, terrace houses, garden villas and semi-detached houses. This is an area which is convenient for living. The township has a population of over 60,000 with over 10,000 houses. There are many large supermarkets, banks, massage shops and local delicious restaurants which are walking distance away from housing areas.