Ms. Murata

    “I had pleasant experience buying property from Royce Properties Management PLT. So there have one Japanese agent from that company that was assist me for this project. I am incredibly grateful to meet a Japanese agent had many years of experience living in Malaysia as a foreigner. On top of that, she is a good advisor whom I can rely on. I felt so relief with her around as she gave me transparent yet valuable information that cater to my own needs and preference”

    MS. Uehera

    “I decided to move to Malaysia to seek for a better opportunity for my son. I have never lived abroad, and I am very anxious about the language barrier and culture difference between Malaysia and Japan. I met a Japanese agent from Royce Properties Management PLT, a very friendly and responsible staff from that company. I remember she told me this when we first met was (“I want you to live comfortably, so please feel free to ask me anything.”) I am incredibly grateful to have her as my property agent.”

    MR. Sato

    “I bought a condominium in Johor Bahru back in 2017 as an investment. Before reaching out to Royce Properties Management PLT. I have spoken to many real estate agencies and they told me that long-term renting would be extremely difficult, especially when I am not staying in Malaysia. But in 2019, I met Carol, the co-director from Royce Properties Management. She immediately told me that looking for a tenant in the long-term isn’t a difficult thing. She also introduced her Japanese colleague, and she assist me throughout the process. In short, if you are looking for purchasing and renting property in Johor Bahru, I highly recommend you reach out Royce Properties Management PLT.   “

    MS. Nohara

    “Through Royce Properties Management PLT, I have finally gotten the opportunity to purchase a nice and comfortable house. The person-in-charge from Royce Properties Management PLT gave me a very warm welcome and assisted me throughout the property purchase process. He is also extremely helpful even after our contract has ended. I am profoundly grateful for all the support given by Royce Properties Management.”

    mr. Yamamoto

    “I moved to Singapore in Spring 2008 and I have faced many difficult such as visa issues, high housing price, and high density in population. Hence, I have decided to move to Johor Bahru with my family. The lifestyle in Johor Bahru is so much better. And I still managed to continue my career in Singapore as Johor Bahru is just a stone throw away from Singapore. The staff that constantly assisted us throughout the property purchase process was a one Japanese agent from Royce Properties Management PLT, a Japanese who has lived in Johor Bahru more than 5 years. She is exceedingly kind and helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested to purchase properties in Johor Bahru.”